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Refocused and Relaxed

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In recent weeks, My heart feels lighter. I feel clear. Conscious with my decision making. Chevon, it’s really been very healing .. this period of time I’m currently in. I spend time writing ✍🏼 by myself. Working out 💪🏼 by myself, walking in the park by myself, taking bubble baths and meditating by myself. Living better, eating better, breathing better, alkaline water !

Our reading was just perfect for me to remember my path. That I’m not alone. Even when I feel alone. To remember who I am and to get back to myself, to get back to love. With ease 🙏🏼 the past 6-7 months have been really hard for me but I got to a place where I just realized I needed to surrender to this process in order to become a better more evolved person.